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Excessive hair growth within or on the ear is known medically as auricular hypertrichosis. Some men, particularly in the male population of India, have coarse hair growth along the lower portion of the helix, a condition referred to as "having. Auricular hypertrichosis is a genetic condition expressed as long and strong hairs growing from the helix of the pinna. the lower portion of the helix, a condition referred to as "having hairy pinnae" (hypertrichosis lanuginosa acquisita).

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By Zululrajas - 19:54
DRONAMRAJU KR. Frequencies of hairy pinnae among Indian and Sinhalese peoples. Nature Y-chromosome inheritance of hairy ears. Science. Jul 15​.
By Kagajind - 10:54
Six new pedigrees on the inheritance of hairy ear rims have been presented, which support the view that it is Y-linked. Two hypotheses as to the number of.
By Tosho - 12:06
The presence of the excessive coarse black hair on the auricle of the human ear is referred to as hypertrichosis pinnae auris or hairy ears.

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